Permanent art exhibition

last update:31/03/2016 14:58:31

About love that this property has for art, Borgo Corsignano and Fattorie di Celli host fascinating artworks that make the residences unique in its kind. A rich artistic path between nature of the bel Borgo and the atmosphere of the factories that offers gorgeous perspective, between unique landscapes and rich in quality that art gives to the structures.

Through the gate of these farmhouses will become artistic and poetic partakers where nature and art are in complete harmony and that gives to residences, shrouded in a magic atmosphere, an incomparable charm.

Step by step, let yourselves be caressed by the poetry and the story that these works narrates. A critical expert of art will accompany you in this “trip” between the beauty of these works that make themselves known, to visit and discover the artist behind each of them.

We also give a chance to artists, emerging and no, to get benefits from our ample areas to exhibit their own artistic work and to organize events.

For more information email or call the number 0575.500294.